Sunday, April 29, 2012

Note from the author

Principalis, the very last of the ivory-billed woodpeckers, has carried the Staff of Aves and led the bird council in relative harmony for most of his life. Soon, his successor will be hatched from the cardinal family and the process will begin anew. This is the avian way.

But now changes have come, and Principalis must find a way to bring all birds together, to adapt to the growing threats to their way of life.

Tyto Alba, the disgraced barn owl in exile, feels differently. Now these differences have ignited a firestorm over why some birds feel they are better, more deserving, and rightful heirs to the Staff of Aves. Tyto’s long banishment from the council will end soon, bringing with it a new Tyto, a kinder, gentler, and much more devious Tyto.

When the barn owl puts his wicked plan in motion, no bird is safe,especially Principalis and the newly laid egg of his successor.

"Aves – The Age of Engagement" is a stand-alone 48,000-word independent reader children’s book, the first of a series. This is my first novel.

Welcome to the avian world.

- C.J. Berry

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