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"Aves – The Age of Engagement" follows the desperate struggles that Principalis, the very last ivory-billed woodpecker, faces in leading all birds to adapt to change and embrace his successor, before Tyto Alba, the disgraced and dangerous barn owl, can succeed in his wicked plan to overthrow Principalis, destroy his heir and capture the staff of Aves.

Author C. J. Berry’s debut novel, "Aves – The Age of Engagement," creates an urgent and dangerous narrative of the life-threatening struggles that birds undertake in response to internal and external threats to their way of life. Thought of as a “Watership Down” for birds, the action begins immediately and builds to a breathtaking conclusion the reader won’t soon forget.

Berry draws upon his experience, as the former mayor of the city 
of Lafayette, Colorado, and a lifelong bird-watcher, to fashion real-life challenges birds confront over climate instability, pesticide poisoning and inter-species conflicts in a memorable and thought-provoking tale.

Illustrator Laura G. Young guides the reader through the story 
with detailed and real-to-life illustrations, bringing to life the courageous and devious actions of the birds as they battle for control.

"Aves - The Age of Engagement" will soon be released as an e-book.

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